In accordance with the Article 5A of the Assessment and Collection of Taxes Law no.4/78, as amended, a company is obliged to tax registration immediately after its incorporation or registration under any law in force in the Republic of Cyprus.
The subparagraph (2) of the Article of the same Law, provides that company which is incorporated in the Republic, but is not tax resident in the Republic, must provide to the Director of the IRD a filled form approved by the latter with the income statement of the current tax year until the 31st of December of that year.
For purposes of implementing the above-mentioned provision, a company which falls within the scope of Article 5 (2), shall submit the Company Income Declaration (Form E. IR4), only by completing the following required fields of the Declaration:

  1. Part 1 Table 1.1 – Tax Identification Certificate (TIC)
  2. Part 1 Table 1.2 – Company name
  3. Part 1 Tale 1.7 – Line 3 – Leave empty
  4. Part 1 Table 1.6 – Line 1 – “NO”
  5. Part 1 Table 1.7 – Line 5 – “YES”
  6. Part 2 Table 2.1 – Line E.I Issued Share Capital (current and previous fiscal year (even with zero))
  7. Part 2 Table 2.2 – Lines 34, 36 and 39 (current and previous fiscal year (even with zero))
  8. Part 5 Table 5.1.3 – Complete at least one field summed 100% (current and previous fiscal year)
  9. Part 7 DECLARATION: Name and Surname, TIC number and Name of the Company. The field TIC can be completed either with the ID number, passport number or other identification number of up to (9) alphanumeric characters. If the identification number is more than 9 characters, then fill only the last 9 numbers.

The Company Income Declaration is submitted electronically with the aforementioned way, from the fiscal year 2011 and beyond.

Circular from the Inland Revenue Department on 20 of March 2014.