Following the announcement on 11 April 2016, it was decided to resolve the continuous problems with FBME’s personnel. The Identification of beneficiary depositors will start by duly authorized persons at the offices of FBME Avenue Archbishop Makarios III, Nr. 90, Nicosia, Cyprus, on 15 June 2016.

 It is noted that this process is intended, according to the announcement of Administrative Committee for the activation of the compensation payment procedure by the Deposit Guarantee Fund Banks issued on 9 April 2016.
It is clarified that as in relation to legal persons, the data declarations will have to be submitted by someone who has access to account management in FBME and is already placed in FBME archives, it can also be done by individuals who are either / the actual / final / ultimate beneficial owner (s) of such account in FBME which is consistent with the relevant file of FBME.