Dear Colleagues,

In view of the latest developments in EU, we would like to inform you about the services we are capable of providing in the sectors of shipping and maritime law, which can be of help for you.
Firstly, let us dedicate few words for the general overview of the benefits of Cyprus.

  • Cyprus is the only open registry approved by the EU;
  • Effective application of the Tonnage Tax System – no other taxes on shipping activities apply except from Tonnage Tax;
  • Capital gains tax, income tax for seafarers, estate duty, stamp duty on documents or mortgage deeds, tax on shipping profits, tax on paid dividends – don’t apply;
  • Cyprus flag is included in the “White List” of the Memorandum of Understanding of Tokyo and Paris;
  • Low cost of ship registration;
  • Recognition of Competence Certificates from many countries;
  • Wide range of bilateral agreements on cooperation in merchant shipping;
  • Protection of interests of the beneficial owners by using nominee and/or trustee shareholders.

We are in full position to act as a stop-one-shop law firm starting from registration of a ship to filing tax returns.
The full specter of our shipping services as well as a detailed information regarding Cyprus shipping and maritime area (including legal and tax environment), can be found on our website. Please follow the next link:
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we shall be happy to assist you.