Following FinCeb USA announcement the European Central Bank has initiated on 23.02.2018 the liquidation process of ABLV bank in Latvia. First payouts of state guaranteed deposits up to 100.000 EUR will start on 07.03.218. Further all remaining deposits will be claimed during process of liquidation. Both individual and corporate claims will be processed.

Nasos A. Kyriakides & Partners are taking immediate actions:

 Represent clients for claims of guaranteed deposits of up to 100.000EUR;
 Organizing group action on behalf of more clients together to gain more voting power during liquidation process;
 Proceed with possible group court action for claiming amounts more than 100.000EUR.

Representing clients will be Mr Martins Rozitis who is our lawyer permanently based in Latvia and has 15 years experience with banking and liquidations in Latvia.
Please get in touch with us for further instructions or in case you have any additional questions.
Draft template of Special Power of Attorney can be found on our website

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