Time for your company to have real substance
– OECD Model Convention & BEPS –

Following the OECD’s Action Plan to address Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) intending to ensure that profits are taxed where the relevant economic activity that generates the said profits takes place, the need for companies to prove real substance in order to meet the requirements under the OECD Model Convention in order to qualify for the benefits of double-tax treaties between various countries, is becoming a real necessity.

Nasos A. Kyriakides & Partners LLC are glad to inform you that they have expanded the range of their administrative services in order to cover the increasing needs for a real substance of your business.


Check out our Rent an Office or Rent a Desk spaces with flexible schedules for employees, the most flexible rates at minimum costs, coming with business internet connectivity, an independent telephone and fax line and package for utility payments.

The offices are located in a corporate business center which was designed to accommodate international foreign companies, situated in the heart of Limassol.

Access to a full range of business support services, such as conference and meeting rooms, everyday corporate administration, and secretarial support.


Full assistance for the employment of part-time or full-time staff for your company, as well as in the employment of a qualified director (located and employed in Cyprus), establish of office presence, call answering center, IT administration, payment of local utilities and taxes.


a. Provision of business & accounting records.

b. Bank Account Operation in your office in Cyprus.

It is important to note, however, that each company and each set of circumstances are different and solutions are tailor made for our clients incorporating some or all of the below as required.

For your tailored made “Substance” solutions please contact Mr. Nasos Kyriakides nasos@naklaw.com or Mrs. Cleo Loizou Kyriakidou cleio@naklaw.com by email or call our office in Cyprus directly on +357 25 352352.  All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.