We provide a wide spectrum of legal advice on the different commercial, legal, regulatory and structural challenges related to the oil and gas developments in Cyprus.  Since the early days of announcement about the discovery of hydrocarbon reserves in offshore Cyprus we have tailored our energy practice to fit the needs and growing demands of various international corporations for pragmatic and efficient legal advice on the legal framework in Cyprus, the EU and Internationally in respect to the development of the oil and gas industry.

In relation to the upstream sector, we offer guidance in relation to natural gas bidding rounds, and applications for licenses, for granting and using authorizations for exploration and production, joint operating agreements (JOA), production sharing contracts (PSC), service contracts, as well as farm-ins and farm-outs. The upstream sector is a complex and competitive market with great risks, usually governed by extensive regulations, which require specialized advisers with knowledge and skills to propose suitable recommendations in a given situation.

Midstream is the essential stage between the exploration and production (upstream) and refining oil products and marketing (downstream). We offer advice in regards to the geopolitics illustrated in the Eastern Mediterranean block, including issues related to transportation with pipelines, storage and shipping. In addition to these, we offer detailed advice on capital intensive projects such as LNG, LPG and their potentials in newly producing nations.

In the downstream sector of refining and marketing the product whatever its composition we provide advice as to the prospects and changing demands globally. We advise on petrochemical and power, partner evaluation and selection, shareholder issues, supply and sales agreements, utility, industrial gas and logistics agreements as well as corporate and project financing arrangements.
Our thrive for excellence and innovation, and along with the structure we chose for our energy practice has classified us as an integral part of the local “magic circle” of commercial law firms in Cyprus, having been awarded as the Oil & Gas Law Firm of the Year in Cyprus 2014 by Corporate Intl Magazine.
Thus, we find ourselves in a situation where we are the leading experts for a number of key players in the industry and we are committed to provide reasonable, efficient and expert advice in different aspects.
Our range of services include, but are not limited to, areas such as:

  • Hydrocarbons prospection, exploration and exploitation licenses – Information in relation to bidding rounds, types of licenses, their duration, as well as term and conditions.
  • Regulatory issues – Advice in regards to compliance with domestic, EU an International laws and regulations in the energy sector.
  • Governmental authorities and bodies – Their role in the activities and the extent of state participation in the activities.
  • Oil and Gas commercial transactions – Legal advice when it comes to negotiation and evaluation of terms of contracts.
  • Joint Operating Agreements – Formation of Consortiums and level of participation and liabilities.
  • International Drilling and Service Contracts.
  • Natural Gas Sales Agreements – Evaluation of terms and conditions, prospects and potentials.
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Transportation – Shipping, pipelines and storage.
  • LNG Project Development – Potential in newly producing countries, risks and shipping.
  • Stock Purchase Agreements.
  • Investment protection advice, counsel and dispute resolution – Bilateral and Multilateral investment treaties dispute resolution process.
  • Corporate energy matters, such as corporate structuring, taxation and governance.
  • Shareholder relationships and corporate transactions – Participation in decision making, AGMs.
  • Energy dispute resolution and litigation – Negotiation, Mediation, International Arbitration and Litigation in Cyprus.
  • Competition issues in energy markets – Abuse of dominance and energy Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • State Immunity issues.
  • Boundary Disputes – Geopolitical risks in the Eastern Mediterranean and regional turmoil and relations.

Our Legal team shall be more than happy to deal with any request that would be able to assist any of our clients not only in relation to the above, but to any other issue which may be needed.