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Company tax returns (form IR4) for all companies must be filed within 15 months from the end of the tax year, which is 31 December, i.e. the tax return for the year 2016 must be filed not later than 31 March 2018. The tax returns must be based on audited financial statements.

In case of late filing, an immediate penalty of €100 is imposed, with further penalties arising until submission.

Legal action may be initiated against the company and its directors for failure to submit company tax returns.

Furthermore be reminded that if you wish to obtain a Tax Certificate for the year 2018:

Any request up to 31.03.2018 – IR 4 of 2015 must be submitted at the Tax Office.

Any request from 01.04.2018 – IR 4 of 2015 & 2016 must be submitted at the Tax Office.

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